Anti-aging and Exercise

Skipping meals and low calorie diets are certainly not the answer to beating the obesity

epidemic. They in fact will cause depletion of muscle tissue, reduce your metabolic rate,

and lead to more deposition of body fat. A 2009 study showed that ver 12 weeks, by

increasing your resistance exercise (weight training) and adding the amino acid, L-arginine

to your diet, resulted in 6.6 pounds of fat loss and no loss of muscle. Compared to the

placebo group that lost 8.6 pounds ( 4.6 lbs. of fat and 3.7 lbs. of muscle). It is important to

not only get fat reduction , but to maintain muscle mass at the same time. As Naturopathic

Doctors at the Semiahmoo Wellness Center in White Rock/South Surrey we provide

programs to ensure you do not lose muscle mass.