Even the Doctor needs Care

I had a bit of my own medicine in the Month of December. I was doing too much and wasn’t listening to my body. The end result was that my right hip seized up  and I was in extreme pain in my hip, down the outside of my thigh and in the heel of my foot. I now knew what my patient’s felt when they came in to my office in extreme pain. Any movement aggravated my condition, sleeping in most positions also aggravated the pain. I began to look for any therapy that would give me some relief. First I administered needle acupuncture which gave me about a ten percent reduction in my pain. I had never taken Advil before, so obviously I was desperate for relief and in need of sleep.

I had used a healer in the past that was able to identify any mental or emotional blocks that were effecting my mental health or physical health. The session with her revealed that I was not listening to my inner guidance and I was making choices that I was not aligned with. I needed to stop participating in events that I felt obligated to do. How many of you do things that you are doing because you think it is expected of you or you feel obligated. It was time for me to make some changes and be in alignment with my needs. This session helped take away the sharpness and the intensity of the pain. My next therapy modalities were cold laser and a three hour Body Logic Intensive with my friend Taylore Carre at Divine Balance Yoga. Finally I was back to a painfree state and fully functional again. I utilized all the therapies over a 5-6 day period to get me back in the saddle.

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