It is that time of the year where we start thinking about what can I do to help prevent myself from getting ill or my throat is getting scratchy or my nose is starting to run. What can I do to bring myself back to my optimal state of health the fastest.

The reasons many of us get winter colds and flu are numerous. One, we’re indoors with other people while windows and doors are closed. Two, viruses causing most respiratory infections are always mutating, and our immune systems have trouble handling these ever-changing germs. Three, viruses can survive on non-porous surfaces for hours. If you turn a door handle recently touched by a sneezing, sniffling person, then lift a hand to your nose, you’ve infected yourself. Four, some respiratory viruses, notably influenza, become airborne when someone coughs. You only need to inhale three tiny viruses to become sick.
To prevent getting sick you want to make sure your immune system is strong. You can start out by getting enough sleep and rest. Suppliments to boost your immune system are numerous but here are a few. Vitamin D3 would be the first nutrient to mention. As we discover more about this vitamin it has been shown to greatly enhance your immune system. The recommended dosage for adults is now up to 6000IU per day. Let’s not forget trusted Vitamin C. There are over 1200 scientific references in Dr. Levy’s book, “ Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins” showing the amazing effects of high dose Vitamin C in resolving may of the infections we see in ourselves and our children. 500 mg every hour when you feel an infection coming on will help. At the first hint of a cold, suck on a zinc gluconate lozenge every few hours. Don’t take zinc gluconate longer than a week, though, because excessive zinc can actually weaken immunity.
Take one 250 mg capsule of astragalus , twice daily, until you’re better. This ancient Chinese herb stimulates the immune system and seems to be highly effective at fighting colds and flu. To prevent a relapse, take one capsule twice a day for an additional week after your symptoms are gone. • For a serious congestion-busting blast, buy fresh horseradish or ginger root, grate it and eat a small amount.  If you are unsure about what to do, come in and see the Naturopathic Physicians at the Semiahmoo Wellness Center for their expert assessment and advise.

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