Our Attraction to Technology

We live in a world where technology provides so many different ways to access information and save us time in our lives. As Naturopathic Physicians, one of our principles is to look for the cause of symptoms. Sometimes this cause can be very evident, other times it can be very elusive. I have encountered a handful of patients in the past 3 months that have been effected by the Wearable Technology which has become very popular and very trendy in our overloaded lifestyles. Everyone wants to see that they are getting enough steps in their day, see how their heart rates are, and see how well they are sleeping, but at what price. I most recently had a patient come in that had made some major improvements in her life. She was exercising more, eating better and taking better care of her health this past year. Even with making all these improvements she was experiencing a feeling of joint pain after exercising and constant fatigue. When we did a health scan on her she exhibited imbalances with most of her organ acupuncture systems. In our observation during that appointment we noticed she was wearing a smart watch. We removed the smart watch and retested her to find out there was an improvement in three quarters of her organ acupuncture points. This patient was surprised, but confirmed that she had been experiencing these symptoms since she received the smart watch as a Christmas gift from her husband. Most wearable technology is wireless. Although many people’s bodies may be able to adapt to the ill effects of wireless technology, in the past 3 months I have only found one person who’s health was not effected by wearable technology. We now test everyone with a smart watch.