How to make sure it is Organic.

At our clinic Semiahmoo Wellness Centre in South Surrey/White Rock I am always recommending to my patients that when they are making healthy choices for themselves and their families to purchase organic, non genetically modified fruits and vegetables.Studies show not only does organically raised food taste better but many studies have shown that organic has a greater quantity of nutritional value. The next question patients ask is how can you tell if it is organic. Most stores don’t label if a food has been genetically modified and of course you are not going to be told what pesticides or herbicides were used in the farming practice of raising that produce. One way to tell how it is raised is by looking at the sticker. The code will give you valuable information. If the label has 4 digits, beginning with 4 then it is conventionally grown and may be sprayed with synthetic pesticides, not genetically modified. If is a 5 digit code beginning with a 9, this equals organic, not genetically modified. If it is a 5 digit, beginning with an 8 it is genetically modified produce. Even if we are eating healthy we may not be absorbing all the nutrients that are in our food. Naturopathic doctors are good at assessing what you may be lacking from your diet.

The Top 12 Foods to Reduce Inflammation and Help Autoimmune Diseases

When the body is inflamed, your immune system becomes weakened. This can lead to the development of inflammatory autoimmune conditions. Continuing the cycle, autoimmune conditions cause more inflammation in the body. The autoimmune diet is a powerful way to help in reducing inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

To prevent, improve, or heal from an autoimmune condition, a key step is to reduce inflammation in the body. The food we eat can be our strongest medicine.  Eating the right foods can assist your body in healing and eating the wrong foods can inflame the body.

An autoimmune diet focuses on real whole foods that are less likely to trigger inflammatory reactions rather than foods that are pro-inflammatory. .

autoimmune diet, Autoimmune Diet: Top 12 Best Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Allergies and GMO Foods.

I have been testing and treating allergies and food intolerances for many years now. I am seeing an interesting pattern emerging in our office. That is the emergence of sensitivities to GMO grains, yet not testing positive for organic grains. Patients will come in and test negative for a grain like wheat (organic) and will come in the next appointment and say they are still reactive to that grain. We will then test them for the GMO related grain and they will test positive to it. Research is now emerging that rats fed GMO grains end up growing tumors. This is independant research that has not been supported by the GMO giants like Monsanto. Eight countries in Europe have now banned GMO food and yet North America has been so resistant or the pro GMO lobbyists have done a great job of gaining government support. It is time for us to stand up and be visable by buying organic and refusing to ingest GMO food products. We also owe it to our families.