Acupuncture IMMEDIATELY helps with Sequela of Stroke

Sequela of stroke/apoplexy refers to paralysis of limbs, distortion of face and difficulty in speaking after the attack of acute cerebrovascular disease, similar to wind stroke and paralysis in TCM acupuncture. It is caused by non-restoration of the visceral functions, retention of phlegm and blood stasis in the meridians as well as abnormal flow of meridian qi.
Paralysis of limbs on one side, accompanied by numbness or pain or susceptibility to sweating, distortion of face, stiffness of tongue and difficulty in speaking and swallowing.
Body acupuncture and Scalp acupuncture can immediately help with it.
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One thought on “Acupuncture IMMEDIATELY helps with Sequela of Stroke

  1. I am a 77 year old male, in June I was in hospital to have a stent installed in my heart. When they put the catheter into my heart they dislodged some cholesterol which went into my brain and caused a stroke! I was unable to stand , I had double vision ,numbness in my face , severe dizziness and slurred speech. Three days later they installed five stents and sent me home two days after that. Dr Russell suggested acupuncture with Cindy Ming Ma. I had immediate results and have made great progress in about two months. I am almost cured. I strongly recommend acupuncture to anyone . I found Cindy to be very professional and competent. Thank you to everyone at Semiahmoo Wellness.

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