How to Prevent Those Trips to the Dentist

The Naturopathic Doctors at the Semiahmoo Wellness Center are pleased to bring this important piece of information to you regarding your teeth. We are always being told that we need make sure we brush and floss our teeth but what else can we do to save those trips to the dentist to get your teeth drilled and filled. Dr. Mercola recently published an article on “Minimal Dentistry” which highlighted many tips and information on how to minimally take care of your teeth and have the work that was done on your teeth last longer. One of the dentists he interviewed touched on how you get cavities and how to prevent them. Most tooth decay develops from the interaction of bacteria and acidity coming together which creates a bacterial bioflora in your mouth. If you are continually lowering your Ph in your mouth then you will start losing calcium which is necessary for strong healthy teeth. The lack of calcium will lead to porosity of the teeth and plaquing will start creating the holes in the tooth. Dr. Rainey the dentist interviewed, recommended brushing with plain baking soda at night to counter the acidity build up. Then to brush your teeth in the mornings, using toothpaste containing calcium and phosphate salts, or even hydroxyapatite, which can help remineralize your teeth. You can brush, floss, rinse, or waterpik with baking soda. see the full article here:

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