Allergies and GMO Foods.

I have been testing and treating allergies and food intolerances for many years now. I am seeing an interesting pattern emerging in our office. That is the emergence of sensitivities to GMO grains, yet not testing positive for organic grains. Patients will come in and test negative for a grain like wheat (organic) and will come in the next appointment and say they are still reactive to that grain. We will then test them for the GMO related grain and they will test positive to it. Research is now emerging that rats fed GMO grains end up growing tumors. This is independant research that has not been supported by the GMO giants like Monsanto. Eight countries in Europe have now banned GMO food and yet North America has been so resistant or the pro GMO lobbyists have done a great job of gaining government support. It is time for us to stand up and be visable by buying organic and refusing to ingest GMO food products. We also owe it to our families.

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