Jump Start Your Brain

The nervous system and brain are getting a lot of attention recently especially since the baby boomer population is aging. I am going to blog a few articles over the next month on how to jump start your Brain, improve your I. Q., and improve memory and focus. This will be helpful for everyone especially the aging population and students.

Water is very critical, drinking 17 oz.of water can increase your metabolism by 30% and this includes improving brain function. Never skip meals – attention span shortens and performance decreases. Carry a bag of nuts or low carb protein bar for situations when you feel you don’t have time for breakfast or lunch. Do not use energy bars as they are overloaded with sugar. Do not eat sugar before long study periods or taking exams. Thirty to forty minutes after eating a dose of sugar or starch the body creates a low blood sugar level which will reduce energy and brain function. As Dr. Barry Sears stated, “Food is the most powerful drug in the world. The door swings both ways.Food can be the magic elixir to anti-aging or it can be what causes your worst nightmare with your health”. Chose wisely.

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