September is when kids are back to school and a time when colds and flu’s start to manifest. One of the related dreaded symptoms are ear aches, every parent’s nightmare. Instead of turning to antibiotics there are several natural remedies to consider that work very effectively in helping to relieve your child of the pain, swelling, inflammation and infection.

The first remedy to consider is garlic and olive oil drops. To make garlic and olive oil ear drops, just crush 3 – 4 cloves of garlic and cover it with EVOO in a small sauce pan. Simmer on very low heat for at least 30min, strain and decant into a dropper bottle. If you have some mullein flowers in the house, adding 1/4 cup to the mix will make the ear drops even more effective. Instead of garlic you could just combine tea tree oil and olive oil in equal drops and use a dropper to infuse in the ear.
Next to consider are homeopathic remedies which are safe and very effective in acute cases of ear infections. Here are ones to consider.

Aconitum – consider this at the ONSET of an earache. The external ear is usually painful and hot and a fever generally accompanies this ear infection. The child feels throbbing pain after exposure to cold and is hypersensitive to noise or music. They tend to also be very thirsty.
Belladonna – think RED – reddened ear, ear canal/eardrum and sometimes flushed face. The symptoms come on suddenly and usually the right ear is more affected than the left. The pain is throbbing, piercing and can extend to the throat. The child feels better sitting semi-erect and is soothed by warm applications, however, motion aggravates them and they are typically worse at night. Emotionally, the child is agitated and may become delirious and will bite and scream.
Chamomilla – children are in great pain which leads to extreme irritability. They tend to demand things only to refuse them once those things are offered. They are impatient and inconsolable. The ears feel stuffed up and there may be buzzing in them.
Mercurius – most common remedy for children with chronic ear infections. There is pus and gluey, burning and offensive-smelling discharge that is green or yellow. The pain and discharge may be worse at night and from the warmth of the bed. They may drool a great deal and sweat so much that their sheets get wet.
Pulsatilla – earache starts after the child has gotten wet or been chilled. Ear pains are worse at night and when the child is warm in bed – relief is felt from cold applications. There is usually little pain during the day. These children are gentle, mild and weepy and although their pain will make them somewhat irritable, it is more whining than anger.

If symptoms persist contact your Naturopathic Physician or Healthcare provider.

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