It’s important to stay healthy during the winter season. We have a number of patients that are coming into the clinic with colds or the flu. Eating healthy, getting lots of rest and minimizing your stress levels wil contribute greatly to keeping your immune system from crashing and making you more susceptible to infections. Some nutrients and herbs that are helpful are vitamin D3, vitamin C, and astragaus. Astragalus is a herbal remedy that has been coming up for many patients in the office this time of year. Astragalus is very helpful to boost and support your immune system. It is safe and very effective.

The recommended dosage for Vitamin D3 has gone up in the past few years. . . . → Read More: SIMPLE STRATEGIES FOR COLD AND FLU PREVENTION


September is when kids are back to school and a time when colds and flu’s start to manifest. One of the related dreaded symptoms are ear aches, every parent’s nightmare. Instead of turning to antibiotics there are several natural remedies to consider that work very effectively in helping to relieve your child of the pain, swelling, inflammation and infection.

The first remedy to consider is garlic and olive oil drops. To make garlic and olive oil ear drops, just crush 3 – 4 cloves of garlic and cover it with EVOO in a small sauce pan. Simmer on very low heat for at least 30min, strain and decant into a dropper bottle. If you have some mullein flowers . . . → Read More: NATURAL REMEDIES FOR EARACHES