It Is That Time of Year to Detoxify.

I trust that you had a wonderful holiday season and have hit the ground running this year with new goals and fresh ambition!

January and February is the perfect time of year to clean up our diets and get back on track with our health. Christmas and New Years parties are a thing of the past and most of the cookies and chocolates are gone by now. For most of us, the holidays have left us with a few extra pounds and feeling a little slow and bloated.

It’s January 27th, How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions? Are you losing your momentum?

Whether I eat unhealthy, a little too much, or even if I eat very well, I like to begin the new year with a detox. I eat extra clean, take some probiotics and drink plenty of water.

Join me in making this year, the year that YOU, takes care of YOU! Of course anything that you do for your health is going to have a good effect on your body. More importantly, what you do for your health is going to help you be better for your family. Becoming healthier is not a physical challenge; its a mental one!


Remove: toxins, parasites, infections and dietary allergens. They need to be safely eliminated.
Restore: the good bugs (bacteria) in your gut. They help remove toxins and help in restoration of the gut lining.
Repair: Heal the gut lining using key nutrients to repair the lining of the intestines and the mucosal cells
Replenish:enzymes to assist in digestion for optimal function of the digestive tract.

Eliminating refined foods, sugars, and alcohol are important. Eating healthy fresh organic foods. Consume at least 1/2 gallon of fresh, clean water. Eliminating artificial sweeteners and preservatives is another important step for gut health and healing.

Remember- Remove, Restore, Repair, Replenish!


Infra-Red Saunas are great to help in assisting the detox kick start. The rays penetrate into the tissues and stimulate the release of toxins that are stored deep within the body. Eliminating toxins from your body helps protect you from developing cancers and degenerative diseases. Once cleansed, you’ll have more energy to do the things you love to do. Saunas have shown to assist in getting rid of heavy metals in your system. Our bodies are continually interacting with heavy metals in our environment.

Your immune system also benefits from saunas. By raising your core temperature your body can fight off those nasty bacteria and viruses.

Lastly, the sauna is a good way to burn some of those calories while you relax and read or meditate.