September is National Arthritis Month. Conventional therapies focus on pharmaceuticals which mask the symptoms and very often have adverse side effects. These side effects have led arthritic sufferers to seek out natural safer alternatives.

Do you suffer from chronic pain throughout your day? Do you have to take medication everyday just to function? Cold Laser Therapy has helped many Canadians -from ordinary people to elite athletes – get rid of pain and get back to the activities they enjoy most: playing their sport, a round of golf, gardening, or playing with the grandkids.

The most common form of arthritis is degenerative osteoarthritis, affecting approximately 80% of the population by the age of 65. A clinical study of 98 patients . . . → Read More: COLD LASER THERAPY HAS HELPED MANY CANADIANS!!

The Wonderful World of Cold Laser Therapy

I just got back from a seminar in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with Dr. John Brimahall. Dr. John is retired from private practice but spends a lot of his time doing research with Cold Lasers and their applications with assisting the body with healing. He is now using low intensity lasers for brain integration. Here is a link to see our Bioflex Laser.

Cold Laser Therapy- The New Kid on the Block

Yes the 21st century is upon us! We are definitely in the energy era. New energy technology is emerging every few months. The new kid on the block is Cold Laser Therapy, also known as Low Intensity Laser Therapy. We have been using this type of therapy in our office for the past two and a half years with some pretty stunning results. Cold Laser uses photon energy applied to your tissues and cells to create biochemical energy to speed up healing. The applications of cold laser has rapidly expanded due to work of Dr. Fred Kahn M.D. who sees 800 patients a week out of his Toronto clinic. He uses the Bioflex Laser made by Medi-Tech which uses . . . → Read More: Cold Laser Therapy- The New Kid on the Block